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    Question How to change Flash icon?

    Is it possible to change Flash icon to other picture from j2me or symbian?

    How to do it?


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    Re: How to change Flash icon?

    I am assuming that you are talking about Flash Lite on mobiles.

    If you are comfortable with Symbian you can compile your swf file into a sis file and install it on your handset. The swf file will still open with the flash player, but you can be assured that visually the user will see the icon on the handset. Also it will give you the flexibility to save the swf file to location on the handset that you wish to save it on.

    Another method will be to obtain the SWF2SIS application which will save you from writing the the Symbian code. This application will automatically compile your file into sis which will install on the handset. The disadvantage of using this method is, it automatically selects a random UID which may conflict with other application on the device. Also this method works with S60 2nd Edition Handsets.


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