I am trying to understand OMA Client provisioning. I need to know the corelation between OMA Client provisioning and OMA Device Management.

Consider a case that PoC client provisioning.
Motorola document states that OMA Client provisioning is used for "initial provisioning", whereas OMA Device Management is used for "continuous provisioning".

Please help me understand this. I have following queries:

01 When <wap-provisioning-doc> is pushed to Mobile. Consider case like, sim change, mobile reboot, same sim in new mobile, new service created.

02 When is DM management object for PoC is obtained at Mobile. How does Mobile updates the provisioning information. At what time DM server shall update the provisioning information.

03 Can you share some whitepaper/techdoc which details about using OMA Client provisioning as well as OMA Device Management.

Thanks in Advance,
Saurabh Gupta