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    Unhappy Need a XHTML/EcmaScript capable Browser emulator

    Hi everybody
    I'm trying to make my xhtml/ecmascript page work on Nokia Mobile Browser.
    It does not work.
    Do I have to make some configuration on it ?
    Is there anybody who know an phone browser simulator that support xhtml and ecmascript ?
    Need your help !!


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    Re: Need a XHTML/EcmaScript capable Browser emulator


    Series 40 Platform 3rd Edition SDKs at least support EcmaScript

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    Re: Need a XHTML/EcmaScript capable Browser emulator

    Yes, Series 40 Platform 3rd Edition SDK is SUPPOSED to support that. In fact, from my experience, is one of the buggiest emulators from nokia, at least when coming to xHTML/ECMAScript.
    So, I ended up using Opera browser (PC version, ofcz); it supports the xHTML/ECMAScript. Make sure you get the latest version since I found some bugs in Opera earlier versions too.
    Built your script according ECMA MP, use Opera for tests and in the end make sure you test on the phones, since many features from ECMA MP are missing in some devices, especially the ones with specs saying “Support for a subset of JavaScript 1.5, which includes the most commonly used functions found on the Internet”.

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