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    Question E 61 Japanese using Psiloc Localization Japanese for Series60

    I purchased an E 61 from the UK and trying to use in Japan. I've read the message boards and understand that I need to update the firmware at my local nokia support office in order to get double-byte to show on my device.

    I went to search for other solutions and on handango, found Psiloc Localization Japanese for Series60


    Since it requires S60, I installed and came up with an error that it cannot be installed on this device.

    I don't understand the reason why? Can anybody help me?

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    Re: E 61 Japanese using Psiloc Localization Japanese for Series60

    That version is for older S60 versions than what's on the E61 (it is based on S60 3rd Edition). See the "Compatible Devices" list on the same site you linked to:

    You have to request an S60 3rd Edition version from Psiloc (I don't know if they're working on one).

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