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    HELP with Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.1

    Every time i start the program, it shows the start-up image, then exits. The process is closed. I reinstalled it, rebooted, etc.. nothing worked.
    Strange because on my other PC it works perfectly, but on this laptop it doesn't, thus it meets the system requirements.
    I also tried Carbide.ui theme studio for S60 and works perfectly on my laptop.
    Anybody has any ideea why it doesn't work???

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    Re: HELP with Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.1

    I don't know what causes the errors, but you can try to delete the java runtime environment folder and install a new one on your computer. I cannot guarantee that it helps, but it can be worth of trying ;-).

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    Re: HELP with Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.1

    I too am having the exact same problem. S40_ThemeStudio_2_2_Installer.exe installs correctly but everytime I run it, the splash screenshows, disappears and then nothing happens. I have tried all sorts of things and nothing appears to have any effect.

    Having said that, I tried it on my notebook and it worked fine but that's not the computer I want to use TS on.

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    Re: HELP with Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.1

    I have the same problem:
    after installation, if i try to
    start this program, compares the splash screen "nokia s40 theme studio", after do nothing.
    if i try to use in "modalità provvisoria"(excuse me but i am italian) the program run perfectly.
    i ask a solution from nokia forum and/or nokia.

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