Software Engineer - Mobile payment, Smart Card & Mobile phone development positions (Beijing)
Famoco is looking for talented and motivated software engineers to join it's fast growing team building the next generation of mobile to server technology and mobile payment/e-payment system.

You'll be using cutting edge technology as:
- Mobile phone development platform J2ME, Brew, Symbian OS
- Smart Card / SIM card application, Java Card, (Java for smartcard), contactless card, ..
- Web Server, Tomcat, Spring & Hibernate, Mysql
- Security, Authentication and DRM
- IM Technology Jabber, Wildfire, ..

We offer:
- an opportunity to work with great people in the latest technologies
- an environment where your new ideas are highly valued and rewarded
- a very competitive salary and benefits package

Skills required:
- Need to be proficient in at least one of the following language: Java, C++, Python.
- Love of building great software.
- Adaptability to learn and work with many different technologies
- Willingness to ask for help and to help other engineers
- Ability to read and write English for dealing with documents and emails
- Experience with one or more of the previously mentioned technology is a good plus

Send both Chinese/English resume to



•手机开发平台J2ME, Brew, Symbian OS
•网页服务器、Tomcat、Spring & Hibernate, Mysql
•即时通讯技术服务器 Jabber, Wildfire


•熟练掌握以下任何一种语言:Java, C++, Python;