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    UDP/HTTP(S) issues

    we are facing right now several UDP/HTTP(S) issues with our Java application on S60:

    1) We get multiple APN connection dialogs when signing in: one for HTTP (regular), one for UDP connection and - when we are in the need to call HTTPS - we get a third connection dialog. Is there a way to limit the appearing dialogs just only to one?

    2) Even we call the right connection close calls, the connection remains open on exit. The connection is closed correctly when we don't use UDP and HTTP only. But it remains open when UDP is used within the app.

    Any adwise, experience or ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: UDP/HTTP(S) issues


    as to #1:
    isn't it related to different locators? (http/https[ssl]/datagram)
    Each protocol is accessed by invoking javax.microedition.io.Connector.open with a URI including the protocol and arguments. The permissions below allow access to be granted individually to protocols.
    from MIPD 2.0 doc:
    so it seems like correct implementation (access granted per-protocol base)

    maybe that's threading issue, I guess (being newbie in udp yet) that you have probably two different threads for reader/writer features. I would investigate that I think in first place,


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