I am trying to launch another app from my test app..

My directory structure is as follows:

System\Apps\Hello\Hello.app (hellworld app that works)

The test app tries to launch Hello.app by using

try {
String[] params = new String[1];
} catch (Exception e) {


This throws a Kern-exec reason number 3 exception.
I also tried \\System\Apps\Hello\Hello.app instead of the relative path.

1. Can two instances of the pJava VM run at the same time?
2. If the other app is not a Java App, can I launch the app?
3. What parameters do I pass to the exec method? should the path be relative? should I actually invoke an app launcher as opposed to the app itself?
for eg: should it be something like
Runtime.getRuntime().exec( "path\\pJava ..\\Hello\Hello.app");

Would really appreciate any help..