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    Launching a view of a diffrent application

    Hi guys,
    I want to launch a view of an application from a diffrent application. I can do it from UID of application and viewID but I wanted to know that whether is there anyway to achieve this thing only by application name.

    Actually I have made an application which is using UID of a native application but I need to open a view of the same native application from my application . Th problem is that my application is also using same UID.
    hoping a positive respone from u guys....

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    Re: Launching a view of a diffrent application


    the uid of the native application cannot be used to the same as ur application uid ...

    Change ur application uid and with u can any View ...

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mateen Maldar M
    "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve"

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    Re: Launching a view of a diffrent application

    could you plz tell me how u have launched a view of different application using the application's UID and view id.

    reply soon
    thank u in advance

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    Smile Re: Launching a view of a diffrent application


    I would like to know if the UID of the native call log application is constant across all the symbian phones(S60) or is it unique to each phone...?

    What I would like to achieve is to develop an application which will switch to the native call log view .

    Is it feasible?

    Thanks in advance.

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