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    Picture Message text/picture ratio Help


    I have checked the sending content v10,sms spec 3.0 and FAQ and they just mention the total size of the message would be 140 bytes. However, what's the text/picture ratio? Can I have like 100 bytes of picture and 40 bytes of text and vice versa? Please advise~

    Also, in the examples provided, we know that both the text and the picture parts must exist...but they didn't mention how can I change the order of display- when I follow the example the picture shows first and then the text part-is there anyway that we can choose which one come up first?

    Moreover, from the FAQ section, it mentions that the blinking can toggled by putting 00 01(hex bytes). Where should I put it? In the info field(as it mentions in the spec)? If this is the case, how can I put it because the info field is just 1 octet (00 in the examples)?
    So 00 is off and 01 is on?

    Thank you so much and looking forward to hear reply soon.

    Best regards,

    Desmond Chang

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    RE: Picture Message text/picture ratio Help

    Check the FAQ, question #16, and look at the Spex. You should find that the example in question #16 is an example of a multipart message.

    To change the order of the picture and the text, try rearranging the order of the parts.

    The total size of *any* given SMS message is 140 octets of data. What that data is depends on you. In order to send the picture message in question #16, a total of 3 SMS messages are required. The "payload" of 140 octets is completely used up in the first two messages, but hardly used at all in the last message.

    To create a blinking message, create a text message, set the DCS byte so that it is using UCS-2 encoding, and use 0001 as a part of the "text" to turn blinking on and off.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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