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    context-sensitive help

    Hi Symbian experts,
    I am trying to create a context-sensitive help ,
    i tried the given example in \Symbian\7.0s\Series60_v20\Examples\toolsandutilities\cshelp\project with cshelp.cshlp
    , cshelp.rtf and custom.xml that is compiling successfully
    but if i m trying to edit the cshelp.rtf file it is not compiling ,
    giving error "The build did not completely successfully(currenly:-<p>Microsoft word 10.0.2627:</p>)."

    So help me how can i allow to edit the .rtf source file.

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    Re: context-sensitive help


    This is relatively easy to fix. Just open up the RTF file in a text editor. Search for the section of code containing the generator key word:

    "...}{\*\generator Microsoft Word 10.0.4030;}{..."

    Just remove this section of text: "{\*\generator Microsoft Word 10.0.4030;}"


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    Smile Re: context-sensitive help

    This is a excellent solution.

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