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Thread: Java SDK ..help

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    Java SDK ..help


    1) I wish to develop my application for S60 in java. What are the SDKs and Tools available for java. I want a drag and drop UI designer also with the SDK with free of cost.

    2) If I am developing the application in java for S60. what is about the target file? Is it in the form of .SIS file or .JAR file. if not so what is the file format and how can a I port to my target device.

    if anybody knows pls reply.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Java SDK ..help

    First of all, you could read this

    2) MIDlets will be distributed as JAR files (and JAD files - so called descriptor files, which contain some information about the file size and required APIs so that the device can decide before potentially lengthy downloading that if the midlet would work on the device at all and the user can also stop the download after seeing how big the file in reali life is)


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