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    Carbide.C++ Developer - Debugging, Building etc.

    Hello all.

    I wanted to share my experiences with Carbide.c++ Developer edition. I've been using it for couple of weeks now. I was not really familiar with Eclipse in advance.

    - UI Tools
    - Wizards
    - On-device debugging (this rocks especially with 3rd edition)

    - Emulator hangs while starting debugging (as other people mentioned also). I've noticed that it does not happen so often if I do not switch to any other application while the emulator is trying to start.
    - IDE is trying to close emulator without success. Emulator process is killed but still the process is somehow owned by someone. Restarting debugging leads to notification that the process is already running. This can be fixed with exiting Carbide.C++ AND killing the process (including javaw) with task manager. For me this happens few times per day.
    - Silly building system does "full build" even when it is totally not necessary (only a minor change to a .cpp file which is not used by any other units).
    - Building can also hang (and then it's killing time again...).
    - Lack of simple examples (more SDK problem). Like howto properly implement navigation between the Fine Views created with the UI design tool.
    - Impossibility to create form with several tabs, AFAIK tabs are only at App level. And this is possible when writing your own resources etc.
    - Unable to compile a single C++ unit(!).
    - Missing SVG editior (would be nice for creating simple icons).
    - WebServices -code generation not integrated with the IDE.

    ...to mention just few.

    But still comparing Carbide.C++ to Visual Studio and Carbide.vs (which I previously used), I'd choose Carbide.C++ This is definetly correct direction (IMHO).

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    Re: Carbide.C++ Developer - Debugging, Building etc.

    Thanks for your response. You know there is an interview this week with the Carbide.C++ team, I'd suggest you let them know about your negatives, (and maybe the positives) so they can respond as to when and how they will fix this.


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