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    Angry "Takes enter key" in Carbide UI Designer

    Using the UI Designer in Carbide.c++ I dropped a popup field text on a form. To select an entry from the list, the user has to use the left and right cursor keys, if he knows, that there are other entries. Setting the property "Takes enter key" allows to open the full list with the enter key, but how many phones have an enter key? Pressing the joystick doesn't work! How can I change the behavior of this controls so that it is usable on other phones than an E61 or E70?

    By the way, how do I have to change my form code when pressing the right soft key should switch to another form instead of closing the app? The automatically inserted comment
    // The 'exit application on close' property automatically adds code to exit the 
    // application when the right soft key is pressed. If this property is set to false, 
    // and AddToStackL has been called on the Form object (e.g., it was not shown as a dialog), 
    // code must be added manually to avoid a panic when exiting the application.
    isn't very useful, when there is no hint, which code is missing. Overall, documentation in my opinion is very poor, remembers me to Microsoft documentation twenty years ago. Sorry, if this sounds a bit harsh, but even after programming for some years for Symbian I can't find a straight line. It looks as many programmers has contributed code, but everybody of them has tried to go another way then the other.
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    Re: "Takes enter key" in Carbide UI Designer

    Ishibo San,

    If you want the popup field text item to expand when the user presses the selection key then set both the "takes enter key" and "offer all hot keys" properties to true.

    Regarding switching to another form when the right soft key is pressed, the code depends on whether you're switching to another Avkon view, a dialog, container, etc.

    If your other form uses the Avkon view architecture then you can do something like:

    For EMyViewId use the view ID generated into your application's .hrh file. There's an enum containing the view IDs there.

    Dan Podwall

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    Re: "Takes enter key" in Carbide UI Designer

    Hello Dan,

    thank you very much for your quick response. Setting "offer all hot keys" works fine for me.

    Regarding the view switching, calling ActivateLocalViewL was not the problem (I've done this already), but pressing the right hand softkey crashes the app. Now I let OkToExitL return EFalse and all is fine.

    Again, thank you very much for your help.

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