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    problem in the showing of listbox

    hi 2 all

    i have a listbox application where i have created and displayed a listbox according to requirement.

    i have one more sms application where i have made a command menubar according to requirement.

    Now i want to display that listbox in my sms application in the first view instead of already another view hence i changed the container class of sms application according to listbox container class but what is happening is ki when i build it on emulator it shows the first blank screen and after few seconds it automatically closes.

    thanks n regards

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    Re: problem in the showing of listbox

    But you do not.
    What you have is a listbox-dialog, and you are trying to launch it from the ConstructL of a view. try putting that new-PrepareLC-RunLD anywhere from that constructor (HandleCommandL, OfferKeyEventL, etc. could be a better place).

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    Re: problem in the showing of listbox

    yah but i want 2 show this listbox bydefault on the very first screen

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