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    Need help on debugging

    Use Carbide.c++ developer version to debug an application, the debugging is very slow, to step from one line to the next line, it takes a few seconds. Also when the application exits because of the kern exec 3, the debug window does not show which line it panics, so basically debug window is useless. Or maybe I don't know how to use the tool? I am a user for codewarrior 3.1 and it works much better than this Carbide.c++. I think it needs lots of improvement. The IDE clashes many times and tons of errors pop up for no reason.

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    Re: Need help on debugging

    Hi - Check the Exceptions tab in your debug launch configuration for the emulator. You can enable exceptions there.

    It's hard to know about performance issues without knowing your PC set-up and what else is running, but I generally find it runs much faster if you close other memory hungry apps.

    If you are getting crashes it could help to send the stack traces and error mesages to the carbide support team. You can check the PDE error log for stack trace.


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