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    Unable to install themes

    Hi friends,

    I have nokia 6630.
    Whenever i try to install any theme in it, it prompts me with an error...

    Unable to instal! Series60s calable skin support required

    Please help me in resolving this issue


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    Re: Unable to install themes

    Get themes made for S60 2.6 (S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2) = your 6630, or earlier. You're trying to install a theme for S60 2.8 (S60 2nd Ed FP2) or later (S60 3rd Ed.) and it won't work.

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    Re: Unable to install themes

    On a similiar note, I'm using Nokia Theme Studio 2.10 to make a theme for my Nokia 6020. The thing is, whenever I load it up into my phone and try to open the theme from my phone, my phone says that the theme is corrupted, and cannot be opened. When I tried using a SDK (Series 40 SDK 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1) to open the theme, the theme opens up fine. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? My Nokia PC Suite is version 6.81, and I use a infrared connection. There is no problem at all if I copy other files to my phone using the infrared connection.

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