Hi everyone,

Im in a real mess with this project :(

Im making a 3d tennis game using j3r184 and im having real issues with the frame rate, it sits at around 5 fps, when I test it on a Nokia N80.

I've been spending the last few days investigating what specifically slows the engine down and i've come across a worrying discovery.

To give some further info, the action on court is shown very similar to Virtua Tennis (i.e. the camera sits behind & above the player). As a result the court takes up a large portion of screen. (say 60% of the screen)
Whenever I render the court only, and nothing else, the game still runs slow - around 11 fps !! (if the court is untextured it is 17 fps)

To put this into context, if i render an empty world my framerate is 33 fps.
If i place in the court, the framerate drops nearly 20 frames!!

I've read elsewhere about fillrate being a problem on mobile phones, is this what im experiencing? If so what is the steps to avoid it?

I find this drop hard to understand, i must have something else set wrong. Can anyone provide me with some ideas about what to check out, settings within the render pipeline that can be used to speed up execution.?

Useful info:
screen resolution - 352x416
Camera FOV - 60
Camera Aspect - 0.84

My meshes are being created in Lightwave, and exported to h3t using HiCorp plugins. Most people seem to be using 3DMax. Are there any known issues using lightwave (adding extra triangles, keyframes, groups etc.)

Any advice given would be useful,