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    Helpful Information

    There are two main alternatives how to use VoIP services with S60 3rd ed phones: 1) Create a standalone full-duplex VoIP client with Symbian C++ or 2) configure the Nokia VoIP SIP client to work with IETF SIP servers.

    Developers considering creating a full-duplex VoIP client are recommended to apply for Forum Nokia PRO membership as developers will need access to APIs, which are not currently available in the S60 3.0 SDK. Additionally, developers should note that there is already a full duplex Nokia VoIP client that ships with three S60 3rd Edition devices: the Nokia N80 multimedia device, Nokia E61 enterprise device, and Nokia N95 multimedia computer. VoIP service providers can simply configure this Nokia VoIP client to work with their SIP servers by manually configuring the settings, sending the OMA DM settings over SMS or creating an application that configures the Nokia client.

    Useful information
    A) How to create a standalone full duplex VoIP client with Symbian C++?
    1) VoIP support
    1.1) Known audio routing & delay issue for VoIP application developers
    1.2) The VoIP developer guidelines are on the FN Wiki

    1.2) Download Audio Proxy Server (APS), there are two versions: one for S60 3.0 and another for 3 FP 1 devices:
    APS 2.3.1 for S60 3 ed FP1 devices (e.g. N95, E90)
    APS 2.3.1 for S60 3 ed devices (e.g. E60, E60, E61i,E65, E70)

    1.3.1) Known issue: Loudspeaker control with Audio Proxy Server (APS) does not work on some devices

    WLAN features:
    1) Useful WLAN APIs are included in the SDK plugin same as above for APS 2.3.1
    SDK plugin for S60 3 ed FP1 devices (e.g. N95, E90)

    SDK plugin for S60 3 ed devices (e.g. E60, E60, E61i,E65, E70)

    1.4) How to improve battery time and shorten the packet delay over WLAN for VoIP and streaming video apps, technical article
    and Forum Nokia Wiki

    1.5.) Known issue about WLAN notifications:

    Testing & signing for VoIP applications
    1.6) As VoIP applications developers must have Multimedia Device Driver (to use APS) and Network Control to (to use RConnect. Setopt) capabilities in their developer certificate, therefore application must pass Symbian Signed for Nokia, not normal Symbian Signed. Application must pass both Symbian Signed and Nokia extensions to get signed. Waiver can be used if good raisons. Please contact nokia.testing@nokia.com when ready to submit your application to get instructions how to submit your application.

    B) How to configure and provision Nokia VoIP client (Internet telephony application)?
    - overview and OMA DM configuration documentation http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso..._IP/index.html

    Contacts (business dev mngrs) at Forum Nokia:
    EMEA: sanfrid.lindblom@nokia.com
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    Re: Helpful Information

    What about public FON WiFi-spot support for Nokia VoIP client?
    (many people buy Nokia E61 to make VoIP-calls over public WLAN spots and FON here is definitely the first case to consider!)

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    Re: Helpful Information

    Great information .......this will help me definitely

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    Smile Re: Helpful Information

    Dear Sir,

    we would like to deploy VOIP Mobility in a big company where more than 1000 employees are working. Please find below my questions for your kind consideration and action.

    1. We would like to purchase 1000 handsets of Nokia either E61 or E61i, which is recommended by you to use built in voip client?

    2. Where can we find the best and cheapest price for the above-mentioned handsets in the world? Because we would like to buy 1,000 handsets at a time?

    3. AT present we are using Fring application in our organization on all our Nokia 6680 handsets. Is it possible for us to change the name and logo of Fring application and use our own name and logo on their application?

    4. Nokia E61 enterprise device has a built in voip client to configure and use by service providers. We configured the settings to work with sipgate.co.uk service and it's working. But, how to insert our brand name and logo? Because we want to show our company's name and logo instead of others. is it possible?

    5. How to create an SIS. application that configures the Nokia client and send it over the air by sms?

    6.How to create a standalone full duplex VoIP client with Symbian C++ and what are the requirements?

    Your are all humbly and kindly requested to help us in this regard by giving the answers so as to deploy Nokia VOIP Mobility services.

    Please find below my complete address to be contacted:

    MOBILE NO. +919866464059
    E-MAIL ADDRESS: shaikh.bashaa@rediffmail.com

    Thank you and best regards,

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    Re: Helpful Information

    The most useful post is the Nokia Voip Client setting program. Many applications use this program and give acknowledge Forum Nokia for its help supporting this program.

    see http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=118148

    SIP settings
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    Re: Helpful Information

    Quote Originally Posted by Nokia Ron View Post

    Contacts (business dev mngrs) at Forum Nokia:
    EMEA: sanfrid.lindblom@nokia.com

    dear Ron,

    i'm using Nokia E51 with VOIP service from CallCentric.com
    i made the SIP setting and able to recive. calls but not to make out calls.
    i dounloaded the SIP VoIP Settings but not able to match it with CallCentric.com sitting as follwing:
    If you have experience configuring SIP soft/hard phones (user agents) and have a device that is not specifically listed, you can use the settings below to help you configure your device.


    The following settings are needed to register your SIP user agent and to place calls. Multiple common names are listed for each setting. Some user agents may not have all of the options listed below.

    Verbatim values are shown in BOLD. Comments are shown in ITALICS

    Setting Value

    SIP Registration Settings:

    SIP Server / SIP Proxy callcentric.com
    Domain / Realm callcentric.com
    Outbound Proxy callcentric.com
    Use Outbound Proxy / Force Outbound Proxy YES or ON

    SIP User ID / Username Enter your Callcentric number such as 17771234567
    Authenticate ID / Authorization User Enter your Callcentric number such as 17771234567
    Phone Number Enter your Callcentric number such as 17771234567
    Authenticate Password / SIP Password / Password Enter your SIP Password here
    Register / SIP Registration YES or ON
    USER ID is phone number YES or ON
    Register Expiration / Reregister 30 minutes, or 1800 seconds
    Name / Display Name Enter your name

    Codec Settings:

    Silence Suppression NO or OFF
    G.723 Rate 6.3 kbps
    Codec Orders Place codec's that are available in the following order (from 1 highest priority, to 12 lowest priority):
    1. G.729
    2. G.723 6.3k
    3. GSM
    4. iLBC
    5. Speex 8k
    6. G.728
    7. G.726
    8. Speex 16k
    9. Speex 32k
    10. G.722
    11. G.711 mu-law
    12. G.711 A-law

    Other Settings:

    STUN Server NO or OFF
    Subscribe for Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) NO or OFF
    Send DTMF RTP (RFC 2833)
    DTMF Payload Type 101
    Network Time Server (NTP) - Primary time.nist.gov
    Network Time Server (NTP) - Secondary time-a.nist.gov

    could you help please

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    Is that realy possible?If yes then its amazing!!

    Guyz i got an information that Vyke the VoIP service provider is giving the PER CALL facility instead of per minute.Is that realy true???? If yes then its amazing and awesome facility....Well i am going to try it(although i was using Vyke earlier too).If u guyz have any information then please share with me.You people can also see it https://www.vyke.com/


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    Re: Helpful Information


    How can i Create a standalone full-duplex VoIP client with Symbian C++, is there any example code or help documentation and API please provide me the information about please.

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    Re: Helpful Information

    The information is very helpful.

    But Nokia has already have a sip client and is used in phones like the N95, which is THE "original" provided by Nokia, and its worked wonderfully in my old N95.

    Why is it not provided in the new N97?

    Why do we have to use 3rd-party software for basic functions of the phone??


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    Re: Helpful Information

    Can this be the answer?
    I mean, even with the older phones, that have been bought specifically for VOIP, if there is a bug, Nokia is not much interested in fixing it...
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