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    Client certificates with WWW-browser and E-mail

    Is it possible to use client sertificates with S60s3/s2 built-in E-mail client and/or WWW-browser.

    I'm using tinyca2 for certificate administration. So far I have created server sertificates for e-mail and WWW. I have succesfully distributed my CA certificate to phones. Next I'd like to try client authentication w. certificates, but I have no idea if those clients support client certificate authentication.

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    Install a PKCS #12 and try.

    I have read one report on a S60 3rd Edition who is able to use client certificates for e-mail. Nevertheless personally, I just played with PKCS #12 for Wireless LAN WPA security (EAP-TLS). However, for what else should this client certificate store be? I guess this works even in Nokia Series 40.

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    Re: Client certificates with WWW-browser and E-mail

    PKCS#12 was just the keyword I needed. I managed to import personal key to E70, but it seems that e-mail client or www client doesn't use those keys (or I just don't know how to make it to do so).

    I just noticed that this is Mobile Java related board, so I'll take this problem somewhere else. Anyway, here is quick summary on what I have learned about importing certificates/keys into S60:

    * Certificates: file format binary DER, file suffix .cer
    * Personal Keys&Certs: file format PKCS#12, file suffix .p12
    * Some certificates that are OK for S60r3 are no good for S60r2. I had to create new certificates without Netscape extensions, so I could import those to S60r2.
    * Mime types for web delivery (/etc/mime.types):
    application/x-x509-ca-cert cer
    application/pkcs-12 p12
    * And finally: Remember to flush www browser cache every time you try to import updated cert/key, or you end up importing old version.

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