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    Could not lead the pjava application again, after opening Extras

    Hi All,

    I have a problem in Nokia 9210 communicator Emulator,
    I had written a Pjava application on it,
    I am opening the application through run.bat

    %epocroot%epoc32\release\wins\udeb\pjava_g.exe -cp J:\lib\classes.zip;J:\utilities\Awt\cawt.jar;M:\nokiaplatform\bin\MyApp.jar -Dcom.symbian.appName="MyApp" com.mynokia.MyApp

    It opens properly and runs properly,
    The problem, I am facing is, after opening my application,
    and when I opened other apps(Desk, telphone, Message,extras...) with out closing my original application, I can't go back to my original application.
    when i press my app on the screen(Through Extras button),
    Then it gives me an Error message "Could not create the Java virtual machine"
    Can anyone help me, how to open my app again by shifting between application.

    One more thing, When i pressed Exit(shutdown()), it closes the while emulator, how to slove this issue


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    RE: Could not lead the pjava application again, after opening Extras


    The emulator does not let you launch multiple instances of the JVM. The problem you are facing is that the current java app is delegated to the background (which you cannot access), and you are trying to launch a new instance when you click on the icon.

    The solution is to use CTRL+SHIFT+CHR+K to kill processes in the foreground, till you get to the java app in the background. I am told that CTRL+SHIFT+CHR+T gets you a tasklist, from which you can pick the task.. but have not been able to do this on my 9290.

    and oh, when you press exit, the emulator WILL shut down :) get used to it :)



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