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    Perform an action upon launch of the application

    Dear All,

    I would like to do an action, e.g. get something from the Internet by HTTP, upon the start of the application.
    I put my code (HTTP Get) in the ConstructL function of the AppUI class. Yes it works. But the user experience is not good.
    Upon start, the application will make connection to the Internet. At this moment, the screen of the phone has NOT YET drawn the UI of the application and the application appears hang up. But when the HTTP return is got, the UI is drawn.

    I tried to put the code to the last sentence of the ConstructL function. Still the same happens.
    I want to know how I can solve it? That means the UI shows immediately, may be showing that the HTTP is in progress as well.
    Should I still put the code in the ConstructL function?


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    Re: Perform an action upon launch of the application


    May be u can try to put HTTP GET in container/View rather than in UI.


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    Re: Perform an action upon launch of the application

    Hi hmleung,

    Why don't you try to use active objects here....reason is you can just submit the request and get back to your UI immediatly there by not freezing the UI and once the request is done you can handle the response in the RunL function.

    Hope this helps you out :-)

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