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Thread: N91 WLAN

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    N91 WLAN

    I am having real trouble to connect N91 with available wireless lan
    I can see the wireless lan available in Menu->Connect->Conn.mgr->Availab.WLAN.
    1- there seams to be no simple option just to connect to it
    2-When I try Further to define it as access point from Options-> Define Access Point and it says
    "Define access pts.for secure WLAN networks in Access Points in conn.settings. "

    What does that mean
    I also tried N91 User guide
    but no simple SOP to tell that how to connect to WLAN from N91

    Help Required

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    Re: N91 WLAN

    Go to the "Settings" app in the "Tools" submenu and define the access point there.

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    Re: N91 WLAN

    I have been able to create an Access Point programatically..but i have not been able to create a SIP profile programatically..has anyone been able to do it..if yes can someone please share some working code..would be super help..


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    Re: N91 WLAN

    Were you able to create a working SIP profile in Tools->Settings->Connection->SIP settings? That would be the first thing I'd try.

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