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    How to check Memory Occupied by My Application?

    I have used the method (Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory();) in Nokia 6600 to check total RAM space, it shows 703KB.

    Then when my Mobile Game is running on, i have used the same method to print continuously whatz the free memory space available, at that time it shows 211 KB and then starts decreasing on up to 0KB, Then again it starts from 211 KB and decreases 1 by 1 to 0KB.

    I have checked with some other application also, for any type of application, its showing the same value (Total RAM - 703KB, At runtime - 211 KB to 0KB)

    1. I want to know how much is the memory need for my game, how can i check it?

    2. And why the method (Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory();) shows the decrementing up to 0, and starts form 211 and to 0 again.

    Anyone kindly help please...
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    Re: How to check Memory Occupied by My Application?


    on S60 devices exact value of available memory is not possible:
    because thats dynamically allocated memory, not a static,
    I'd use Sun WTK memory profiler (profiling option) to check exact ammount of memory used by your application (or use some other tools for the same purpose, e.g. S60 SDK utilities),

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    Re: How to check Memory Occupied by My Application?


    Where doI find S60 SDK utilies to do profiling? The S60 3rd Edition SDK EMU diagnostics doesn't have anything about profiling although it does display memory usage I don't think that it is accurate.

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