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    capturing images on emulator


    I use sdk series 60 3rd edition and I wrote code capturing still images.
    I'd like to run it on the emulator, and I wondered how can I simulate camera?
    Is necessary using a webcam (in this case what kind of settind should I do?) or is there any other way to do it?

    If somebody can suggest me a clue


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    Re: capturing images on emulator

    Refer to the release notes:
    Quote Originally Posted by s60_3rd_sdk_mr_ReleaseNotes.txt
    Emulator Applications
    - Camera is not supported by the S60 emulator.
    Quote Originally Posted by s60_3rd_fp1_sdk_f_ReleaseNotes.txt
    Emulator Applications:
    - Saving locally stored web pages does not work in the Web application.
    - Camera application is not supported by the S60 emulator.

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