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    connection to serial port


    1. The mobile phones (Series 40 platform 3rd Ed. and Series 60 platform 3rd Ed.) has a com0 port to establish a serial connection,
    this port is obtained through “System.getProperty (“microedition.commports”)” method.

    2. The mobile phone is connected to another device that trasmite to 9600 bps through a usb-serial cable (db9).

    3. The connection is established with "(CommConnection) Connector.open (indicated parameters)" method.

    4. The mobile phone wait for the connection until timeout. It appear “the connection cannot be made”


    1. When our application is simulated from a PC, the port COM0 is not available, so it cannot find the other device
    that has been connected to the mobile phone (Possible cause)

    - Is there a way to configure the number port in the mobile phone in order to establish the serial connection?

    - The COM0 port that is discovered in the mobile phone specifically refers to the point of the usb wire connection
    or it can be used to establish a IRDA or BLUETOOTH connection?

    2 When we are simulating the application using NetBeans, we found two available ports (0,1), if we connect a data device to COM1 port
    and try to establish a connection from the MIDLET, the application works fine and the information can be obtained. But we cannot
    establish a connection using COM0 port. How can I simulate a connection Using COM0 port from the PC.

    3. Are the Nokia phones of the 40 and 60 series the only ones that support this kind of connection?
    ¿What are the hardware requirements to establish a serial connection using java?
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