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    question about device

    I'm looking for nokia which make it possible to write application in java using Bluetooth and Irda. Last year I bought nokia 6020 because I had to write irda application but nokia 6020 has series 40 - 2.0 where it was inpossible. Now, I want to buy a phone which allow me to write bluetooth and irda application. Last year I made mistake, now I want to ask you advice about what should I buy ?

    I think about:

    nokia 5100 or nokia 5300
    nokia n80

    any suggestions ?

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    Re: question about device

    Of those, I'd pick the N80 because it is not only limited to Java programming (just in case you also want to do Symbian C++ stuff), and because it has Wi-Fi/WLAN.

    Tech specs here:

    For a developer here:

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