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    Carbide_ui_S60_Theme_3_1 installation problem

    I downloaded s60 carbide originally whilst i had win200 installed. i realised later that it had xp sp2 as the recommended minimum o/s, which at the time seemed to explain why the 'gallery' pane did not function (i was working from the built in step-by-step tutorial, and it pointed me to the gallery pane after giving my project a title, to pick a phone).
    so i installed xp sp2 (i do not like it's explorer interface, win2000 side panel much better to me) to give the app a go.
    it then would not actually start up properly, i figured this was due to the java app it loaded in the background that was propmpting me to register. so i came online and registered for a serial. this i got and fed to the box. both the register box and the app window disappeared. i thought ok some apps do this to accept the data and get you to restart rather than ask you to. so restart the app i did, only to end up in the same cycle, app not loading properly, please give me a serial number, give it a serial number, closes down, restart again and round and round.
    so i am back to win2000 hoping that there might be a way to run the s60 carbide thing on it.
    any chance?
    many thanks

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    Re: Carbide_ui_S60_Theme_3_1 installation problem

    anyone who might have bothered to reply.
    i have got this app running nicely on win2000 now.

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