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    Thumbs up [announce] keypress for 3rd (unsigned with dev cert free)

    hello ,

    Read this post before !
    Unsigned SIS packages are now provided that have been compiled with the new, larger capability set that is allowed for new free devcerts. To use these, get a free devcert from Symbian Signed, install it to your phone, sign these packages and install them to your phone. No recompilation of the runtime is necessary anymore.
    3rd party Python extensions must also be signed with enough permission .The unsigned-freedevcert SIS packages included with PyS60 1.3.14 actually _do_ request all the capabilities that are available with the new, more liberal free devcert - including the new Read/WriteDeviceData and TrustedUI.

    Many want keypress module for 3rd now it is available
    I succeed now in using keypress with 3rd phone !!!
    But keypress need capability SwEvent not included in default selfsigned
    But since 1.3.14 pys60 version Nokia provide also unsigned version of pys60 with the ALL new dev cert free
    So you can now download keypress 1.02 unsigned but compiled with ALL capabilities of dev cert free ie
    NetworkServices LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData Location UserEnvironment PowerMgmt ProtServ SwEvent SurroundingsDD ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData TrustedUI

    For making it work you only need to sign it yourself with your free dev cert with the SAME capabilities (all the 13 !) as unsigned pys60 1.3.14
    Don't forget to sign also pys60 1.3.14 !

    That's all !

    Soon I provide other modules with the same capabilities (dev cert free) misty for example ?

    links :
    pys60 1.3.14 unsigned free dev cert
    pys60 scriptshell unsigned free dev cert
    keypress 1.02 unsigned free dev cert
    explanation on keypress
    all known free python extension modules
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    pys60 1.4.5 and 2.0.0, pygame, PyS60 CE on E90 and 5800 !

    Find my pys60 extension modules on cyke64.googlepages.com

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