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    Best Practices, Design Patterns

    I am intersted in learning best practices and design patterns for the Mobile Applications, preferablly for buisness solutions type of projects.
    Any pointers, links, guidlines will be very appritiated.



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    Re: Best Practices, Design Patterns

    hi Jawad,

    well, i'm interested in the same topic having big pain in my head in applying what i've already learnt to real applications . Something that is really easy in Flex (i'm coming from flash/flex) or even in SE/EE platform is a pain here.
    Specificaly I had issues with binding results from remote calls (say from flicrk REST api to give you idea) which are executed asynchronously in applied solution into view/view items,
    So to give you some pointers:
    borrow or buy those 3 books (in that order):
    Enterprise J2ME: Developing Mobile Java Applications
    (related page: http://authors.phptr.com/yuan/index.html )
    Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications: A Guide for Java Developers
    Programming Java 2 Micro Edition for Symbian OS: A developer's guide to MIDP 2.0
    all discuss applied patterns in microedition (two last books are not strictly about that topic but covers that area in some parts)

    Standard SE/EE patterns can be used, I've noticed that in Nokia samples that they use some common SE solutions (composition, mvc, command), so that is also good resource to simply use Nokia samples (especially those which explains using of optional jsr's).

    as noted I'm also interested in seeing some solutions that are applied to microedition scenarios so if someone want to share some ideas it would be welcomed


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