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    Question SIP SendSubscribeL returning -11 error

    i am writting an IM application without using dialogs,i am using MESSAGE method and i am using SUBSCRIBE for checking the presence status, so when sending Subscribe method it is returning with -11 error(i.e KErrAlreadyExist).
    so what is the mistake i did in my code.

    code snippet which i used for sending subscribe method
    iSIPSubscribeDialogAssoc = CSIPSubscribeDialogAssoc::NewL(conn, fromHeader, uri8, eventHdr, toHeader, aContact);

    CSIPClientTransaction* clientTx ;

    TRAPD(err,clientTx = iSIPSubscribeDialogAssoc->SendSubscribeL(msgElem, iRefresh));
    if (err!=KErrNone)
    RDebug::Print(_L("Error in iSIPSubscribeDialogAssoc->SendSubscribeL:%d"),err);

    so what may be the reason for that.
    plz help me out.
    Thanks in advance


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    Re: SIP SendSubscribeL returning -11 error

    Quote Originally Posted by satya3050
    ...Subscribe method it is returning with -11 error(i.e KErrAlreadyExist)....
    I recently wrote a similar problem at:

    (not related to SUBSCRIBE method, but related to MESSAGE)

    Please, if you solve yours, let me know. I will do the same.
    BTW, could you tell me what have you taken as starting point to construct a SUBSCRIBE? I'm doing it for 2.2SDK (6680), and I know that probably you are working for 3rd ED, but less is nothing...



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    Re: SIP SendSubscribeL returning -11 error

    Hi Satya!
    Please, have you solved the -11 Error when sending SUBSCRIBE?
    I'm just facing the same problem, and even posted a lot here, but it seems that nobody cares... or nobody has had the same problem.
    So, have you solved that for MESSAGE and SUBSCRIBE?
    I had the SAME error code than you, and I was wondering if you could reach to any solution...

    Thanks a lot

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