Hi, i'm very newbie about mobile web application. So i have some problems about deloying a mobile web application in reallife.

I am using vb.net (2003) to make a mobile web application. And i use Nokia web browser 4.0, nokia mobile internet toolkit 4.1, nokia wap gateway 4.0 to deloy that application on local computer and it is running well.

But i don't know how to deloy it in reallife like :
+ Where should i put Nokia mobile internet toolkit on my phone ( client ) or on server?
+ What will i config? ( port, ip ... or something else ).

And one more thing, when i want to move from pageA.aspx to pageB.aspx, i use RedirectToMobilePage("pageB.aspx"). But before moving to pageB.aspx, it ask me to confirm moving. How could i do to turn off that confirmation?

Please give me some advice. Any ideas will be welcomed.