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    Launching custom media player from smil


    I have a custom media player application for the 7650 for my own mime-type. The recognisers work and with a media file encapsulated in an MMS message, player launches fine when the file is selected from the objects list.
    I would like to make it either play the file on viewing the message or just easier to launch the player (avoiding the objects list) but am having no luck with smil. My player runs full-screen so embedding it like an image doesn't work. I've also tried a text link in the message to start the player but to no avail.
    Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for this?


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    RE: Launching custom media player from smil

    No amount of fiddling with the presentation part will help you in this regard. On viewing an MMS message the MMS Viewer is started, and it only inherently supports a fixed set of MIME types. If the MIME type of an object in the message is not supported, you must "access" that object via the objects list. Period.

    You might be able to "intercept" an MMS message when it is received - sort of replacing the built-in MMS Viewer with your own application, but for more details you'll need to head over to the Symbian discussion areas and ask around. I *think* this is possible, but don't know that it is something you'd want to consider or not.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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