Hi everybody,

I'm porting an application to Symbian OS v9.1 that makes use of IR Comm in raw mode (see http://newlc.com/Programming-IrComm3-wire-raw.html).

I'm unable to load the UART1 physical driver for Nokia E60 (User::LoadPhysicalDevice(_L("UART1")) => KErrNotFound). For Nokia E5500 I'm unable to open COMM::0 port (iComm.Open(iCommServ, _L("COMM::0"), ECommExclusive) => KErrNotSupported).

I cannot test the App in other phones (I have not more than these ones).

Has anybody an idea how to solve this? Could this routine work in any Series60 v9.1 phone? I have tried with other drivers and ports with no result.

Thank you.