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    Markable ListBox: How do I capture an attempt to mark an entry?

    I'm writing a simple little file browser, and I've make it a markable listbox (EAknListBoxMarkableList). I've modified the menu_pane to properly handle the "mark/mark all, unmark unmark all". This all works fine.

    My problem is when the "hot keys" (or whatever you'd like to call them) are used. Ie, the up arrow key + the center pad on the phone (or shift + enter on epoc). First I don't want the user to be able to mark directories, and if marks are used, I'd like to update the menu_pane (ie: change "Copy" to "Copy Selected Files").

    I'm assuming that when the user "marks" an item, a callback is made (but I doesn't appear in HandleListBoxEventL)... but I don't know where this callback is.

    My current solution, is to use OfferKeyEventL and wait for the 'KeyButtonUp' event to be sent, then check the scan code to see if the key combination was pressed... then check the current item in the list box to see if it's selected or not. All this seems needlessly complex - I'm hoping for just a callback =).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Markable ListBox: How do I capture an attempt to mark an entry?

    i guess you are looking for this callback function.

    AknSelectionService::HandleMarkableListProcessCommandL (aCommand, iListBox);

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    Re: Markable ListBox: How do I capture an attempt to mark an entry?

    Thanks for the help, but it appears HandleMarkableListProcessCommandL, is what I would call if I wanted to implement a "un/mark all" feature (which I've already done).

    My problem is that, I've got a markable listbox, containing the names of directories and files. I want the user to be able to mark files but NOT directories.

    There are two ways to "mark" a listbox entry. One is either with the mark/unmark menu item(s) in the menu_pane. The other is with a "hot key" (atleast this is what I'm calling it). In the Epoc emulator, the "hot key" is shift + enter.

    I have no problems disallowing the selection of directories, IF the user is using the menu/softkeys (I just modify the AppUi's HandleCommandL and track EAknCmdMark/EAknCmdUnMark). However, when the user is using the shift + enter (hot key), a EAknCmdMark/EAknCmdUnMark event is NOT sent to the HandleCommandL. Instead it appears that the listbox handles this differently - and I can't figure out how to reject this mark request, if the current item is a directories.

    I hope this clarifies - my problem.

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