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    Changes to default system sounds

    Apologies for the absolute nievity of this question, but is there a simple way to replace default system sound on the 6230i with a short MP3 sound???

    I'm not a programmer, but wondered if I could overwirte a file somewhere in system ROM


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    Re: Changes to default system sounds

    ROM = Read-Only Memory = you can't overwrite or delete anything there.

    Depending on the phone (I don't know S40 phones like the 6230i very well), you can in the profile settings, clock app settings, calendar settings, contacts, etc., change things like message tone, ringtone, alarm/alert tone. All without programming.

    In any case on an S40 phones the only programming language and environment is Java (J2ME, Java 2 Micro Edition), and it does not have many (or any) APIs/classes to change system settings.

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