I and Michael McAlcin have both had the same problem with the secure wallet function - it forgets the password when the 'phone is switched off. Michael has tried with versions 4.07 and 4.80 of the firmware, I have only tried with version 4.80.

The question is, has anyone managed to use the secure wallet function without running into this problem? If so, please could you provide some information about which mobile provider you use, whether you use GPRS, and any other information that might be relevant, so that we can help the Nokia people to track this one down.

I think the wallet might be a useful thing to have, if I can just get it to work. Here's my information:

Mobile service provider: Vodafone Sweden.
SIM card age(s): 7 years/3 days.
Firmware version: 4.80
GPRS enabled/used: yes/yes
Telephone security level: Telephone
PIN code request: yes
Security module on SIM: no

Please answer this even if you don't have a problem, so that a pattern might emerge that will help us that do.

Peter Hugosson-Miller.
Stockholm, Sweden.
(pehu@im.se, hugge@netg.se)