Hi All Experts!

We are importing the VCard using ImportContactsL of CContactDatabase.
The code is as follows:

// Open the default contact database
CContactDatabase* contactsDb = CContactDatabase::OpenL();

TBool iSuccessfulImport= EFalse;
TUid p1;
p1.iUid = KVersitEntityUidVCard;

CArrayPtr<CContactItem>* imported = contactsDb->
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // contactsDb
The code works fine on 3650 n the contacts are getting imported successfully.

But if I try to execute the code on 6600 ImportContactsL(--) leaves with KErrNotFound(-1)
iSuccessfulImport is set to ETrue i.e at least one contact is successfully imported.

After all this , it seems to lock the contact database. If I open my phone book, no contact can be seen untill I reset the device.

I have tried possible combinations of TOptions and iReadStream is ok too.

I am not getting the reason to leave ImportContactsL with KErrNotFound

Experts plz guide.