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    Exclamation ImportContactsL leave with KErrNotFound

    Hi All Experts!

    We are importing the VCard using ImportContactsL of CContactDatabase.
    The code is as follows:

    // Open the default contact database
    CContactDatabase* contactsDb = CContactDatabase::OpenL();

    TBool iSuccessfulImport= EFalse;
    TUid p1;
    p1.iUid = KVersitEntityUidVCard;

    CArrayPtr<CContactItem>* imported = contactsDb->
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // contactsDb
    The code works fine on 3650 n the contacts are getting imported successfully.

    But if I try to execute the code on 6600 ImportContactsL(--) leaves with KErrNotFound(-1)
    iSuccessfulImport is set to ETrue i.e at least one contact is successfully imported.

    After all this , it seems to lock the contact database. If I open my phone book, no contact can be seen untill I reset the device.

    I have tried possible combinations of TOptions and iReadStream is ok too.

    I am not getting the reason to leave ImportContactsL with KErrNotFound

    Experts plz guide.

    Shilpa Kulkarni

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    Re: ImportContactsL leave with KErrNotFound

    My import is working fine the prob is that
    ->when i want to edit the imported items it shows all most all fields (about 40 fields) to edit .
    ->which is too much time consumig and my edit options become very slow

    do u have any solution ...
    thnx in advance.....

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    Re: ImportContactsL leave with KErrNotFound

    Hai itsme,
    Iam also facing the same problem.My Application is working Fine.ExportSelectedContacts and ImportContactsL are working fine.But, in PhneBook when I try to Edit Contacts, its taking too much time to show all the contacts.How to solve this problem?If anybody aware of this proble, pls help me.

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    Re: ImportContactsL leave with KErrNotFound

    What are you two talking about?

    It sounds like you are saying the contacts UI is too slow to display a contact and its slow to edit the fields. If so why are you editing the contacts by hand? Why don't you edit them programatically?
    Is that's not the problem then what is it that is too slow?
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