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    Failed to deploy file

    I work under Win/XP with netbeans 5.5, Nokia Carbide.j 1.5, Nokia PC Suite 6.82 and a Nokia E61 connected by USB. I have build the example App. HelloWorldPlus and bekamm a jar and jad File. In the emulator, everything works
    If I now execute the deployment, I get the error "Failed to deploy file" from Output Deployment Window.

    What can I do?

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    Re: Failed to deploy file

    You could try to send the file to the phone over Bluetooth (if your PC has bluetooth connectivity)
    Activate Bluetooth on both devices. In windows file manager right click the flie to be sent and select Send to->Bluetooth device. Search for your phone and send the files over.

    You could also open the PC Suite and do the Application installation with that tool (using the USB connection)

    I have no idea why the deployment fails (I do not use the Carbide.j deploy-functionality myself)


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    Re: Failed to deploy file

    Thank you, I have it with PC-Suite passed through,
    lg heinz

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