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    Angry *SOLVED* Where to download the S80 SDK for Carbide?

    Hello there.
    I'm learnign Symbian programming at school and we have to do some labs and a bigger project in order to accomplish the course. We are using Carbide Pro but unfortunately it just doesn't work. Sometimes Carbide takes ~350MB of RAM, emulator and especially the debugger just jam up the computer and there are tons of other problems I'm not going to list here (it would take too long). Plus of course everything runs over Java - the tool of disaster. This is a nigthmare! The touch of Nokia software seems to reach from the phone ROMs (as a 9500 owner I have lived through the 'experience') to the IDE software too. And let's not forget the ever-so-great PC Suite!

    To overcome the IDE problems I just installed Carbide Express to my own computer, so I now have a surely working computer, the admin rights (if that helps), enough computing power and a 2GB of RAM. I hope this should do it... At least the basic form of a GUI program seems to work OK.

    I would also like to create S80 applications but we have just S60 packages at school (which have none or poor backwards compatibility BTW), so I tried to download the S80 SDK package. I found this page but when I try to download either normal or the CodeWarrior version the file cannot be found. I did some research and it seems that ALL the files somehow linked to S80 development have been deleted as if they had been some sort of X-files. Can I download the SDK from some other source? At least all the links that Google found were pointing to now deceased location.

    I'm sory about my flaming earlier, don't take it personally :). After posting this thread I'll go and catch a movie and cool things down a bit...
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    Re: Where to download the S80 SDK for Carbide?

    At least I could download via the link you gave..

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    Thumbs up Re: Where to download the S80 SDK for Carbide?

    Quote Originally Posted by mitts
    At least I could download via the link you gave..
    Yep, now all the download links (or at least the ones I tested) for S80 are back online. Dunno what was the problem but clearly it's solved now.

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