Could anyone tell me how to change the font size and the background color of dialog?
This code I have:

class CMyDialog : public CAknDialog

	static TInt RunDlgLD(TInt aResouceId);
	void SetSizeAndPosition( const TSize& Size );
	void Draw(const TRect& aRect) const;

private: // From CAknDialog
	void PreLayoutDynInitL();

TInt CMyDialog::RunDlgLD(TInt aResouceId)
	CMyDialog* dlg = new (ELeave) CMyDialog();
	return dlg->ExecuteLD(aResouceId);

void CMyDialog::SetSizeAndPosition( const TSize& Size )
	const TPoint aPointListX(90,60);
	SetPosition (aPointListX);
	const TSize aSizeListX(80,80);
	SetSize (aSizeListX);

void CMyDialog::PreLayoutDynInitL()




void CMyDialog::Draw(const TRect& aRect) const
	CWindowGc& gc = SystemGc();
	// TODO: Add your drawing code here
	// example code...
	gc.SetPenStyle( CGraphicsContext::ENullPen );
	gc.SetBrushColor( KRgbGray );
	gc.SetBrushStyle( CGraphicsContext::ESolidBrush );
	gc.DrawRect( aRect );
Plz help
Now I get a white rectangle on the screen

best regards