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    Exclamation Can't install .sis file (Problem with Emulator)

    Hi All,

    I am totaly beginner in SDK. I have installed:
    S60 Developer Tools ( 3rd edition SDK )
    successfully, and I wish to know is there any way how can I install
    any .sis file to Emulator. ( for examle: 'Nokia Podcast aplication' it should work under that Emulator )

    I have start Emulator form start menu (Start -> S60 Developer Tools -> 3rd Edition SDK -> 1.0 -> Emulator ) and opened .sis file from toolbar 'Open' options of Emulator and when attempt to install 'Nokia Podcast aplication' emulator's screen would display massage:


    What is the problem, where I make mistake ?
    How can I install any .sis file under Emulator ?

    Thank in advance.

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    Re: Can't install .sis file (Problem with Emulator)

    Current Symbian emulators do not emulate the ARM CPU of target devices. Emulators run Windows binaries (x86 architecture) indeed, thus .sis files in general can not be installed on the emulator.

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