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    Memory for applications on 9300

    I read in a review for 9300 that its RAM is 64MB. But it comes with built-in 80MB memory (and 76MB is available for storage) and MMC cards can also add storage. So, where does the RAM come from? Separate from the built-in memory? Can it be increased with space from MMCs? Can someone point to the relevant documentation? Thanks.

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    Re: Memory for applications on 9300

    Dynamic RAM (application run-time memory) is separate from storage (Flash).

    Part of the DRAM is allocated for a small RAM disk, but otherwise it is used by the OS and what is left after that is available for applications.

    While Symbian OS supports virtual memory (each process has/sees its own address space, mapped to physical memory), Symbian has no support for paging/swapping, so it does not "extended" physical RAM by using storage memory (a paging file or disk partition).

    When you run out of RAM, background processes may be terminated by the OS (without prompting the phone user).

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    Re: Memory for applications on 9300

    Thanks for the information. Could you point out where the Nokia 9300's Dynamic RAM is specified? The Nokia site: (http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/9300) simply states:


    Unlimited Heap size

    Shared Memory for Storage: 80 MB

    Unlimited Jar size

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