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    SIP, WLAN and power saving


    i've bought an Nokia E60 with the intention to be able to use it in my office thru wlan and sip. The problem that come's up is that to be able to receive a sip call your wireless lan has to stay active all the time. When doing so it works fine but my battery runs flat in three hours (without calling).

    To solve this problem I was thinking of the following scenario.
    1. My PBX calls my E60 with GSM
    2. The E60 recognizes the number and instead of ringing it activates wireless lan
    (Notice the GSM call isn't answered, and so there is no call charge)
    3. My PBX notice the E60 is active and routes the phone call thru SIP

    Step one and three aren't a problem but I was wondering if step two would be possible to implement and is someone as an idea how to implement it (or wants to implement it for a small charge)?

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    Re: SIP, WLAN and power saving

    Step 2 is entirely possible to implement, though at present requires a private Nokia API to activate WLAN.
    Symsource Ltd.

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