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    Question CAknWaitNoteWrapper crashing

    Dear All,

    i have used CAknWaitNoteWrapper class to show the progress bar for my application.

    but when the progress bar is being displayed if i press the RSK continusly 2 or 3 times the application crashes.

    below is my code

    CAknWaitNoteWrapper* waitNoteWrapper = CAknWaitNoteWrapper::NewL();
    if (EFalse == (waitNoteWrapper->ExecuteL(resourceId, *this,ETrue))) {

    when the application crashes the call stack shows the "ExecuteL" as culprit.

    can i know what is the problem with my code

    with regards
    vinayaka karjigi

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    Re: CAknWaitNoteWrapper crashing

    Check this link http://newlc.com/Wait-Dialog-Part-I.html may be usefull.

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