I faced one critical problem in 3650.If if try to draw a string of length >200,the application is giving ArrayIndexoutOfBoundException.I tried the following code.I was wondering whether it is a bug in nokia device itself?

public void drawTicker(Graphics g) {
strTicker="20$Funny$Fun for Funny People$http://www.migital.com/mcdp/Images/LRMB_Teaser.jpg#21$Amazing$Amazing Videos for Amazing People$http://www.migital.com/mcdp/Images/DDH_TitleSong.jpg#24$Bollywood$Bollywood Videos$http ://www.migital.com/mcdp/Images/DDH_Yaada92542071.jpg#";
g.drawString(strTicker, tickerX, 21, 0);