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    Theme Studio 2.2 - 6131

    Hi i'm new to the forum.
    I've just updated my theme studio from 2.1 to 2.2 and i've noticed that the theme preview has some new graphic elements that actually do not match "real" look on the phone:
    - main screen has now solid colors behind the top indicators and the softkey in the bottom of the screen
    - the layout of music player is completely different than that of s40 3rd serie (e.g 6131)

    My question is: why these changes ? Are these features to be included in future fw release ? The fact is that it is not very easy to design a theme using a preview different from the actual look on the phone ...


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    Re: Theme Studio 2.2 - 6131

    same problem with my 6233. the media player looks really good in the theme studio, but on the phone still has the basic player when theme is transfered.
    hope this issue is resolved soon.

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    Smile Re: Theme Studio 2.2 - 6131

    Hi, sorry for bad english, I will try to do my best....

    I've got these problems, too.

    I think the problem exists, because there are many types of S40 Mobiles/Handys and you can set individual pictures for the idle screen bars (and the NONE option don't remove the bars).

    Try this:

    Create a transparent GIF picture.
    (for example: 240x46 gif image color:green and set green as transparent color.)

    Load this pic in Idle->Idle Screen-> Backround ("idle softkey area" and "idle status area") - The bars will not more apear in preview. If your Mobile/Handy don't show the bars in standart you can remove the Gifs before you finally safe the theme (but i think there is no need to do so. (it works great with my 6233)

    PS: some standart pictures of the preview (Blue Lens and Flower) have bars in the pictures - you should test this with your own background picture.

    I hope this will help you a little bit.

    I've got no solution for the Media Player problem at the moment. I think there are too many interfaces.
    I hope it will be soon possible to costumize the Player or switch the interfaces for preview.

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