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    Nokia 5410i NFC Shell Development


    I am looking into doing some development work fr a university project using the Nokia 5410i and the RFID / NFC shell.

    I am wondering whether you can do straight off development on Java Midlet's for the phone or whether you have to buy the over-priced Nokia NFC & RFID SDK (Toolbox v. 2.0) eg http://toptunniste.fi/topshop/produc....php?p=26&c=14. Do Nokia expect any development in the academic field to take place if this is the case? 2000 Euro seems alot of money to me.

    I have downloaded Eclipse, Carbide_J and also the S40_SDK_3rd_edition. Will this be enough to begin development for an applicaiton that uses the reader to scan a tag and then connect to the internet using GSM/GRSM to send its number to a database hosted online?

    Many thanks for your advice


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    Re: Nokia 5410i NFC Shell Development

    hi Duncan,

    try to contact with Paul Coulton:
    he had already used RFID/Nokia devices for university workshops:


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    Re: Nokia 5410i NFC Shell Development

    Thanks for the reply Peter. I've dropped Paul email via his Blog.

    The reply from ToP Tunniste seems to confirm that the only to develop for the phone is using the Nokia Toolbox. Hopefully this is not the case as it would be a shame to be unable to develop applications in the academic field, due to an inability to finance the project.

    All the best


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