I am looking into doing some development work fr a university project using the Nokia 5410i and the RFID / NFC shell.

I am wondering whether you can do straight off development on Java Midlet's for the phone or whether you have to buy the over-priced Nokia NFC & RFID SDK (Toolbox v. 2.0) eg http://toptunniste.fi/topshop/produc....php?p=26&c=14. Do Nokia expect any development in the academic field to take place if this is the case? 2000 Euro seems alot of money to me.

I have downloaded Eclipse, Carbide_J and also the S40_SDK_3rd_edition. Will this be enough to begin development for an applicaiton that uses the reader to scan a tag and then connect to the internet using GSM/GRSM to send its number to a database hosted online?

Many thanks for your advice